About Marshall Americana

Marshall Americana is the result of dedicated collecting by members of our extended family over the course of four generations. Now the time has come to share these treasures.

Al and Sol

Previous generations of the Marshall family dedicated time and effort during World War II, to obtain and preserve many items which reveal a clear portrait of the era’s political and national consciousness. Items were collected both at home and overseas, and then catalogued in our family’s collection of Americana. Throughout the war items were sent home from Europe, often with stories explaining their history and means of being obtained, for future

generations of our family to enjoy. Many of the items pronounce a clear and great pride in America and belief in our nation’s history and freedom. However, when accompanied by the foreign items collected, the items on this site combine to paint a vivid picture of a world at war.

After World War II ended, our family’s passion for America and its past did not. Rather, multiple family members took up collecting seriously, and joined the American Political Items Collectors (APIC), remaining active members for decades. Many of the items from their collections are now proudly offered on Marshall Americana to be shared with people who have the same sense of history and regard for “The Greatest Generation” and all those who have endeavored to keep America free.

Included amongst the collection are items spanning from the late 18th century & the birth of America, all the way to 21st century political memorabilia. We also offer items from many nations, which were collected during trips across multiple continents. While the majority of items offered are political, military, or WWII home front related, we also offer fanciful collectors items and

pop-culture rarities which represent different parts of America’s history.

It is our great pleasure and honor to offer you these unique treasures from our nation’s past, so they can become a special part of your family’s collection, as they have been for ours for so many years.