All the items on the site are genuine. To the best of our knowledge, no reproductions, photocopies or “knock-offs” will be offered, unless the item is clearly described as a reproduction. (See our Warranty of Authenticity below.)

Al and Sol in London

All the political, Americana and wartime items are original from the era. The militaria items were collected after the end of hostilities while in Europe in the late 1940’s as well as on subsequent journeys. All were collected and then preserved to maintain their original condition.

The early Americana items, including newspapers, magazines and physical items, were obtained on trips through the Eastern seaboard states primarily in the late 1950’s and 1960’s, and well-maintained since then. We have posted some

personal photos of a few family members who during the war and post-war period did the majority of the collecting. This is merely to offer you some form of “corroborating evidence” to the integrity and originality of the items. We hope they evoke the era and bring you a smile.

Please Note:
Original war and wartime items offered for sale on this site may be of a sensitive nature to some. This was a time when nations were clearly defined enemies, and the pain and emotions of war led to expressions of hatred, contempt and demonization. Some of these expressions can still stir these same emotions, and in some cases can understandably still be considered offensive. However, Marshall Americana takes no responsibility and claims no affiliations with any of the views expressed on or by certain items. If you have a problem with it, feel free to leave the site immediately.
Electrically operated items and items that have moving parts are sold for their collectible value only. Actual use of such items is at the
purchaser’s risk. If we know that an electronic or mechanically operated item still works as originally intended, we will make note of that in the product description. Otherwise, you should assume that it is being sold for its collectable value only, and engaging any of the moving parts is at your option and risk. We have not tried to fix or restore items in an effort to make them function as if they were new. Many items are old and fragile and it’s beyond our capacity to restore or refurbish them.

Please note that Silverlight, the computer software program used to view the images, changes the size of some images. Therefore, the size of an item in the photo may not be the actual size of the item in real life. Please refer to the item descriptions for detailed size information about the item.

Evan Marshall

Evan Marshall

Owner: Marshall Americana

Warranty of Authenticity

Marshall Americana warrants the authenticity of every item we sell. In other words, whatever you buy from us will be an original from the time period noted. It will not be a reproduction, facsimile, or a “knock-off” copy of later vintage.

Aside from a very few “replica” versions – which will be specifically described in the product description, we stand behind every item as being an authentic, original from the era stated.

If you ever have any serious question as to the authenticity of an item raised by a recognized authority in the field of historical Americana (e.g. an established dealer, auction house, museum curator, author of a reference or price guide, or an official of a collectors' organization (such as APIC), you may return the item for a full refund of the purchase price under the following conditions:

1. The buyer has obtained, at the buyer's own non-refundable expense, the opinion of at least one recognized expert in the field who is mutually agreeable to Marshall Americana and the buyer, that an item is not authentic. (Please consult with us before engaging any such expert.)

2. After consultation, you must receive written agreement from Marshall American to return the item.

3. Items of questioned authenticity must be returned, with proof of purchase, in the exact condition as originally sold. Any damage or change in condition will negate the rescission of the sale and refund.

The buyer's sole remedy under this warranty shall be the rescission of the sale and refund of the original purchase price paid for the item, and this remedy shall be exclusive and in lieu of any other remedy otherwise available to the buyer as a matter of law.

Marshall Americana shall have no obligation to rescind the sale unless the conditions above are met.

This warranty is for the lifetime of ownership, however the benefits of this warranty are not assignable and are applicable only to the original buyer.
We are confident that we will never have to engage in this policy. We have grown up hearing the stories and seeing the notations of the manner in which these items were collected, and have no fears about stating that all our items will meet the test of being 100% genuine.